Insurance Claim Denial

Resolving Denied Business Owners Insurance Claims

There are several reasons insurance companies may deny your initial claim but that doesn’t necessarily mean your claim isn’t covered. If you’ve received an insurance claim denial letter, our attorneys in our Fort Lauderdale and Houston offices are ready to support you in appealing the denial and settling your claim in a timely manner. Our objective is to secure you the rightful payment in accordance with the terms of your policy.

What if your business owner’s insurance claim is denied?

The first step is to review the details of your business owner’s insurance policy to make sure that you are actually covered for the damages you are claiming. Sometimes policyholders may be surprised to find that their policy has exclusions or limitations that they were not aware of. If your damages are not covered by your policy, then it is unlikely your business insurance claim denial will be reversed. However, if you believe your claim should have been covered by your policy, the next step is to gather substantial evidence to support your case. This may include receipts, photos, or other documentation that supports the extent of your property damage and anything you believe your insurance company should cover in costs. If you need to file a claim appeal, we can walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure proper conduct on the part of your insurer. Our team of experienced, licensed insurance claim attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and Houston have the experience to help you get the compensation you deserve. We will fight to get you the maximum compensation possible.

What if your insurance claim is delayed?

In the event of a delayed insurance claim, proactive steps can help expedite the process. Begin by reaching out to your insurance company for an update on the status of your claim. Document all communication and maintain a record of any promises made regarding resolution timelines. If the delay persists, consider escalating the matter by involving a supervisor or claims manager. It’s crucial to gather additional evidence, such as relevant documents or photographs, to support your delayed claims case as well. Our expertise and guidance at our Fort Lauderdale and Houston law offices can provide valuable insights and assistance in navigating the complexities of delayed claims, ensuring a prompt resolution and fair compensation.

I received an underpaid insurance claim, now what?

If you find yourself with an underpaid insurance claim, begin by carefully reviewing your policy to understand the specific terms and coverage details. You retain the right to contest their determination, and have the option to file an appeal challenging their coverage decision. Document the discrepancies in the payment received and gather substantial evidence, including receipts and photos, to support the true extent of your damages. Engaging with experienced insurance claim attorneys, like our experts at Schirmer, becomes crucial at this stage. We can help build a compelling case to ensure fair compensation, advocating for your rights and working towards rectifying the underpayment issue promptly.

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