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Have you been injured in a car accident?

  • Were you a passenger in a vehicle that was hired through a ride-sharing service/app?

    Have you been injured while on the property of another individual?

    Have you been injured while on the property of a business?
  • Do you know someone that has been injured in a car accident or by a slip and fall?

    Have you been injured while boating?

    Did you recently get injured while at work?

Medical Professionals Network

After a personal injury accident, it is very important to seek the proper medical treatment. Insurance companies take into consideration various factors when deciding whether they will pay for injuries caused by their insureds. I make sure my clients seek the proper medical treatment from the proper specialists so that my clients’ injuries are well documented by the right medical professional in a timely manner. This is a crucial part in proving injuries, which will, in turn, help my clients recuperate monetary compensation for the harm they have suffered. Without seeking the proper medical treatment from the proper specialists, insurance companies will be less likely to pay for injuries caused by their insureds.

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Dealing with insurance companies is a daunting task. It is dreaded by everyone and insurance companies know it. In fact, many insurance companies purposefully make the claims process difficult to deter individuals from pursuing claims against the insurance company. I take the worry and hassle out of making a claim with an insurance company. I know what the insurance companies want. This means that my clients can focus on treating instead of worrying about dealing with the tedious insurance companies who are always looking for ways to not pay claims. My clients can rest assured that the insurance companies will not deter me from seeking justice in their case.

Experienced Attorney

Many people have a misconception about personal injury cases. They think that, just because they were involved in an accident, they will immediately be entitled to some type of monetary compensation. Part of my job is analyzing the facts of each individual case to figure out what my client will most likely be entitled to recuperate, if anything at all. Once I have analyzed the case, I can give my clients a full, in-depth, summary of their case and how the claims/litigation process will work. I always live my life by the motto “Honesty is the best policy” and living by this motto has always proven to be beneficial to me. I explain the good, the bad, and the ugly about every case to my clients and I find that my clients appreciate the honesty more than anything else. This is another way I give my clients a little peace of mind.

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Meet Kevin!

Kevin J Guerrero is a South Florida Native with his roots deep in the local legal community. Kevin’s family is originally from Nicaragua. Kevin attended Florida International University from 2008 – 2013 where he received his bachelors in Criminal Justice.

After undergrad, Kevin attended St. Thomas University School of Law from 2014 – 2015 where he was ranked number 7 out of 211 students after his first year. Kevin also received the Cali Book award for Torts I in 2014. In 2015, Kevin was elected Vice President of the Maritime Law society where he was intricately involved in coordinating a legal seminar, which gave attending attorneys 3 Continuing Legal Education Credits. Kevin was also a member-candidate for the St. Thomas Law Review. Kevin interned for the Honorable Jefferey Levenson of the 17th Judicial Circuit in the summer of 2015 where he was able to observe a wrongful death civil case trial which ended in a two million dollar Plaintiff verdict.

Following his success at St. Thomas, Kevin transferred to his dream school to finish Law School, the University of Florida. Kevin was able to try out and join the prestigious Florida Moot Court Team, which was ranked number 13 in the nation in 2015 – 2016. In 2016, Kevin was able to hold the coveted spot of Special Events Coordinator on the Florida Moot Court Team. Kevin also competed in the 2016 Jessup, International Law Moot Court Competition. During Kevin’s time at U.F. Law, Kevin interned for the 17th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office. Specifically, Kevin was able to learn from the highly experienced State Attorneys in the Special Prosecutions unit. During this internship at the Broward S.A.O., Kevin was able to observe the prosecution of a police officer for a manslaughter charge. Kevin returned to the Broward State Attorneys office to extern in his last semester in law school. This time, Kevin was working one on one with a misdemeanor State Attorney and was able to be involved in several trials.

Kevin’s first attorney job was working for a small law firm that defended State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance from Personal Injury Protection, Bodily Injury, and Underinsured Motorist coverage suits. Kevin gained experience litigating these cases by settling, drafting motion, arguing motions in open court, and even participating in a brief trial.

In September of 2018, Kevin joined Schirmer Law and began expanding the personal injury division of the firm. Kevin’s deep roots in the South Florida community has allowed him to build a strong local network of medical providers—highly experienced in treating car accident, mold, and slip and fall patients. Due to Kevin’s time spent working for an insurance company, Kevin knows what insurance companies look for when evaluating claims and cases. Kevin is able to use this insider knowledge to his clients’ advantage. However, Kevin’s main priorities are the well being of his clients’ and making sure that the client is always involved in every step of the claims/litigation process.

After a long day’s work, Kevin enjoys cooking, lifting weights, going to the shooting range, playing golf, and, most importantly, spending time with his family and two boxer dogs, Tazer and Jojo.

Please contact Schirmer Law to schedule your free consultation with Kevin today.

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