Mold Damage

Mold Damage Claims Lawyers

With both Fort Lauderdale and Houston being subtropical environments many hurricanes and storms create the perfect damp and wet conditions that cause mold. Unfortunately, mold infestations can be catastrophic in more ways than one. They can be toxic to humans, leading to serious health problems, as well as cause devastating damage to a business or commercial property. These infestations can sometimes remain undetected for years, such as in the case of leaky pipes behind enclosed areas.

If you need help holding your insurer responsible for mold damage, Schirmer Law can help. We can assess the matter to help you file a claim and/or fight for you in any insurance company dispute. Our goal is to maximize your claim and have the process resolved quickly and fairly so that you can move forward with the repairs and replacements you need. Since we handle property damage claims day in and day out, we are well-equipped to help you pursue the compensation to which you are entitled.

Mold Damage

Toxic mold is a very expensive problem to fix through remediation and repairs to affected areas. Many insurance policies do not provide coverage for mold which leaves property owners to handle the costly problem on their own. However, you may be able to hold your insurer responsible if your property was flooded due to a storm or hurricane, a broken pipe, or a flooding-related sewage backup that resulted in mold.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should assume mold is present in your building within 24 to 48 hours after it has been water-damaged from some type of flooding. Unfortunately, mold grows rapidly and can flourish in any wet area or item, such as wet carpets, furniture, floors, and more. The CDC recommends not occupying the home until everything is totally dry, the mold has been handled, and you are sure that you are free of any problems that could cause further mold, such as leaky roofs or pipes.

Toxic mold is known to cause severe health issues, especially for those who are already compromised with such problems as asthma or other respiratory conditions. It causes a wide variety of maladies, from coughs to lethargy, headaches, wheezing, congestion, and more.

Insurance Company Delays, Denials & Other Tactics

Insurance companies will commonly deny mold damage claims insisting that they are not responsible for its harm. However, mold only grows in wet conditions which means that the cause of your mold damage may have been something covered by your policy. At our Schirmer Law offices in Florida and Texas, we can evaluate your situation to determine the merits of your case and fight for what you deserve. Don’t give in to insurance company intimidation or other tactics that are meant to discourage you from your policyholder rights.

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