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Fire and smoke damage to your business or commercial property can be traumatic. Fires can destroy an entire structure with everything inside, including personal items, valuable documents, and the unique space you’ve created for your business. Dealing with this large-scale property damage accompanied by unresponsive or resistant insurance carriers can be overwhelmingly stressful. At such a time, you need legal backup from a reputable and trusted source that understands what you are going through and how to get the results you need as a policyholder.

At Schirmer Law, our Fort Lauderdale and Houston practices are devoted to helping commercial property and business owners secure the compensation they need and deserve from their insurers. Our experienced team has spent years dealing with insurance companies and thoroughly understand their motives and operating basis. Their staff are trained to do everything they can to underpay, deny, or delay your claim. They may try to dispute or discredit how the fire was caused so they can avoid liability. We can help you overcome these obstacles through aggressive representation aimed at maximizing your compensation according to the terms of your policy. Our firm goal is to help you secure the financial recovery you deserve in a swift and efficient manner.

Fire Damage Claims

Fire damage repairs or replacement can be exceedingly costly. Large-scale property damage along with everything inside your building, including company valuables, can add up quickly. You may also be faced with the additional expense of business relocation.

The U.S. Fire Administration reported that losses from fires in 2019 were $14.8 billion. The most common cause of these residential fires were from cooking accidents and equipment, followed by heating, unintentional or careless behavior, and electrical malfunctions. Other causes of fires include appliance failures, candles, smoking, barbecues, and defective wiring.

Unfortunately, fire can spread quickly, destroying anything in its path. Even after a fire has been put out, you can still be faced with the problem of smoke damage or water damage. Removing soot and smoke from the walls, floors, furniture, and other fixtures of your building involves another cleanup process. Water damage to both the interior and exterior of your structure from the fire department doing its job can also add further expense to the situation.

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Trying to get your insurer to honor the terms of your policy after you have suffered fire damage can be time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful. When faced with delays, denials, or lowball settlement offers, you deserve better. At Schirmer Law, we can apply our knowledge and legal abilities, including negotiation and litigation, to helping you pursue the best possible outcome. We provide fast response times, personalized attention, and ongoing commitment to your needs.

When facing difficulties with any of the steps of the claims process, turn to Schirmer Law for assistance.

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