Property Damage Attorneys Who Will Fight for You

How much do you charge?

We work strictly on a contingency basis. We do not get paid unless the business owner recovers money from the insurance company.

Many policies do provide for additional living expenses or loss of use.

A form that is often required to be filled out by the business owner that provides the insurance company specific information about the loss.

Decrease in the value of property which could be the result of wear and tear or age of a property.

RCV is the amount necessary to repair or replace the dwelling with materials of “like” kind and “like” quality at the current prices. ACV is the current value of property measured in cash, usually arrived at by taking the replacement cost and deducting for depreciation brought about by physical wear and tear, age and other factors.

Yes. You can hire an independent contractor to obtain a second opinion of the full cost of the property damages. It is the insurance company’s job to make you whole again. If the initial payment is insufficient do not be afraid to demand what you are rightfully owed.